How to Study

​The three themes listed below will  show you how to study , be organised , be prepared and  make you more confident when facing the pressures  of work deadlines and examinations.
tutor2study will take the pressure off you, by designing an individual study programme based upon your  areas of study and teach you how to study and prepare for your exams.


Remember! Passing exams with high grades is determined  by whether or not you know how to study.

Your Personal

Number of subjects being taken


Which subjects are you studying?


Amount of exams you are studying for


Specific areas to study for each paper


Do you have Coursework and/or Controlled Assessments?


When your exams occur and in what order


Your out of school activities i.e. sports


Do you have Part-time Employment?



Questions to ask yourself

Do you revise Late at Night  for an exam the next day?


Do you go to your room for an hour or two and find you remember very little?


Do you revise by spending time writing out notes several times?


Do you re-read handouts and spend too much time trying to find the notes you need in your folder or book?


Do you have the TV on in the room you are working in?


If you have answered YES to any or some of these you need help from Tutor2Study!

Exam Techniques

Do you know how to pass a subject with a High Grade?


Structuring your preparation for each module


Analysing which question areas that need to be revised


Helping you develop essay skills


Helping you develop source based analysis skill


Helping with the time allocation for each examination paper