Study Timetables

The purpose of an individual study timetable is to allow you to plan and navigate your way through any obstacles you will face. Unless you have a photographic memory and nerves of steel it is essential to have a study timetable.​ I am on hand to give advice on how you revise and which questions to ask your subject teachers, my speciality is to support students who find revision and examinations difficult to cope with.

Devising a timetable will help you prepare for all your examination subjects over a period of 3 months. All aspects of your daily routine will be built into your programme allowing you to balance your revision with your life. Ensuring there is a balance between work and play is important, no one can be expected to revise 24/7 without having time to socialise and relax, this is the purpose of my study timetable, to ensure studying fits in with your life.




Tutor2Study gave me the organisational help I needed to succeed in my exam year. The carefully made timetables proved beneficial and I achieved the results I needed. I would highly recommend Tutor2Study to all, as a structured and constantly updated timetable is the platform all students need to achieve the goals they desire in their studies. "

-Jack, Leaving Certificate Student

I received 545 points and I am going to Trinity. Thank you for all the help throughout the past two years. You put my mind in the right place back in September 5th year and this really planted self motivation for the next two years.

-Oisín, Leaving Certificate Student


“you have helped me and supported me even when going through tough times and the grades reflect your effort.  Again thank you for everything”

- Joacquim, IGCSE History Student


“I got an A! Thanks for everything!!”

-Nieves, International A Level Student


“Without you I would never have been able to get the grades!” 

-Annika, International A Level Student


“Thank you for all the help and next year I will be even more prepared”

-Jason, GCSE Student


“Thank you for all of your help and support…. I don’t think I would have managed without your advice”

- Helena, Law Under Graduate