My Expertise

I was once a student who was ill prepared for exams. I didn't know how to write an essay. I couldn't concentrate and spent hours desperately trying to cram in the last few hours because no-one had ever stressed the need to have a revision timetable

I became a teacher and later a Vice-Principal in spite of all the obstacles put in front of me and the lack of advice or support given at the time. Now I wish to offer you the support and planned programme of preparation which will enable you to be well organised, confident and successful in the future.

Richard Freeman M.A., B.Ed., T.E.F.L.

  Background & Teaching Qualifications

​• Taught in a Middle School, Secondary Schools and a Community      College

• Positions of responsibility including Vice Principal, Lecturer,            Head of Department

• High achievement of students in academic examinations

• Teacher of Literacy

• Taught age ranges from 10 to 65 years of age

• Taught Humanities subjects plus English

• TEFL-Grammar/Limited Resources/Large Classes/English to            Young Learners

• Teacher of History to GCSE & A Level

• Teacher of Politics to GCSE & A Level

• Lecturer in Archaeology to GCSE & A Level

& Politics

Being a History and Politics teacher for many years, I have devised a formula preparing for any type of essay or exam. The formatting of essays will be explained so that the correct response can be achieved together with sufficient content to score a high grade.


Showing you to to use source based material to fine tune your analytical skills and ensure that you understand the types of questions to be expected. 


Helping you analyse past paper questions correctly to show the key aspects to become familiar with and the type of question and content material that is required. 


Preparing you with skimming and scanning techniques along with annotation of texts to encourage reading for specific purposes and linking with past paper questions.


Only recently did I realise how not being able to read limits a person's life in so many ways. I use a Literacy programme which guarantees to help any person young or old to read in a very short space of time. I teach people to read "through their ears" as well as using "their eyes"  using the "Step by Step" reading programme by Mona Mc Nee MBE.

There are two stages for beginners and we start with the very basic phonetic sounds of the letters of the Alphabet. Then we progress on to the sounds of double letters, silent letters and those that can have different sounds.

 Practice is all important and this can be done easily and integarated into your daily routine through n
ewspapers, magazines, reading articles on the Internet and by watching Television.